Project: Strategic Partnership for Occupational Safety and Health - SPOSH

SPOSH project is focused on trainings in the area of the advanced manufacturing systems, especially well-equipped in the automation and robotics technology. This area is very important because of the Strategy for re-industrialization of Europe and the risk regarding accidents at work. Risk, problems, needs in OSH area are transnational and the project outcomes will be oriented towards transnational users and their usage as open resource materials (transnational).

SPOSH project aims and objectives:

  • to improve implementation of existing health and safety rules, in particular by enhancing the capacity of micro and small enterprises to put in place effective and efficient risk prevention strategies,
  • to contribute to the prevention of work-related diseases by tackling new and emerging risks without neglecting existing ones,
  • to take into account of the ageing of the EU’s workforce,
  • to provide practical support to small and micro enterprises to help them to better comply with health and safety rules.

SPOSH project is focused on three main groups:

  • SME workers,
  • SME managers,
  • vocational school students.

The project results will comprise in the elaboration of the following intellectual outputs:

  • analysis of target groups needs,
  • set of common project training materials (lessons),
  • common learning methodology including assessment strategy,
  • dedicated ICT training Portal.