The Fifth Working Meeting was organized by PIAP and was held in Warsaw on 30 August 2018. Partners discussed feedback received from organized in their countries Multiplier Events. The SPOSH portal final tests and pilot phase were summarized and final decisions about further utilization of project results were made.

Final meeting



On August 29, 2018, a conference organized by PIAP titled "Safety in the Industry - Safe Work with Machines" took place. It gathered over 30 participants who are representatives of target groups for the SPOSH project representing various industries. The poster promoting the event and the detailed program are presented below.

Zaproszenie na konferencje

 Program Konferencji

3rd working meeting was organized by ECQ in Bulgaria and was held on 11th May 2017. During the meeting the actions taken to date have been discussed and a plan for the implementation of the next tasks in the project has been agreed.

Project team during the Sofia tour

The 4th working meeting of the project SPOSH was organized by TUKE and was held in Košice on January 30, 2018. As the project enters the final phase, the partners, in addition to summarizing the tasks completed and plans for finalizing the results, also focused on planning dissemination events. These events according to the schedule will take place in the first half of the year in all partner countries.


The second working meeting was organized in Slovakia on 15th November 2016. The meeting was attended by a total of 10 people – 2 representatives from each partner organisation. Main topics of discussion included overview of the progress on the project implementation, monitoring visit by the Polish National Agency, analysis of results from the research phase carried out with regard to development of O1 Analysis of target groups’ needs, discussion with regard to development of O2, O3 and O4 and setting up plans for the next project phase.