On October 29, 2015, the first meeting of SPOSH project partners took place. The meeting took place at the headquarters of the project coordinator PIAP in Warsaw. Representatives of all partners took part in the meeting.

The meeting was aimed at smoothly launching the partners' activities in the project, elaboration and discussing a detailed timetable for actions from the start of the project to the next meeting.

After welcoming the participants by the coordinator to the meeting a brief presentation of each partner institution and its individual representatives was done. Next, the coordinator recalled the most important aspects of the Erasmus + program in terms of administrative and financial rules and the requirements for dissemination of the project.

Subsequently, issues related to project management were presented and discussed i.e. subcontracts, communication rules within the consortium, schedule of tasks in the project and activities and responsibility of each partner for the results of the project. Expert comments to the submitted proposal were also presented, The new budget allocation related to its reduction during the evaluation of the proposal was clarified.

Later during the meeting partners discussed in detail issues related to the implementation of individual results with particular emphasis on the outcome 1, the implementation of which begins with the beginning of the project. All the partners responsible for delivering the results have prepared presentations and led discussions on their respective results.

During the last part of the meeting issues related to the dissemination of the project and the organization of short training courses for project partners were discussed, Trainings are planned for the first half of the project, one in Portugal and one in Slovakia.

The meeting ended with a general discussion on the issues related to the project and the Erasmus + program, a detailed timetable of each partner activities was prepared.